In-office mini golf aside, there are
other reasons to work with us.

Choose Your Specialty

We offer a disciplined experience where you control the focus.

Choose Your Lifestyle

If you leave early, no problem. We're flexible.

Choose Your Compensation

We offer the most aggressive bonus plan in the industry. There are no limits.


We have a vested interest in your success. That’s why we provide mentors.

Standard Of Living

Big cities and commutes eat up a lot of time. We would rather you spend that time doing what you love.

Start Off Right

You’ll be happy here. National firms have high turnover for a reason.

Hawkins makes sure I succeed

They provide a work-life balance environment, resources and tools, and the support necessary for success. Its great to work closely with a management team who's focus is on the development and growth potential of their employees.

Jenae Thomas

Your First Three Years

Starting your career, while exciting, can be intimidating. Choosing the right firm is essential. At Hawkins your work will test your knowledge, but you will not be expected to know everything at once. Each new staff is assigned a mentor and partner to whom they can go to for help.

01Jumping In Great place to start

During your first year you will gain a basic knowledge of the various software programs we use to prepare tax returns, work on audit engagements, and research accounting topics. You will be assigned simple to moderate tax returns for all types of entities. As you go out on audit engagements, you will be assigned various parts of the audit, which may include drafting the financial statements. Early in your first year you will have many opportunities to work one-on-one with clients. Doing all of this will require you to develop time management skills. You’re also encouraged to pass the CPA exam.

02Refining Begin to specialize

During your second year you will continue to refine your skills and gain experience. You will be expected to assist interns and first-year staff in using the various software programs. As you begin to specialize, your tax responsibilities will increase to completing moderate to advanced tax returns and reviewing simple tax returns. Audit responsibilities will expand to more parts of the audit, including review assignments and providing risk assessments for other parts of the audit. Having worked with clients for a full year will help you develop good client relationships and the ability to attract and manage new clients.

03Big Leagues Advanced accounting knowledge

After spending two years developing your accounting skills and business knowledge, you will move to managing clients, jobs, and staff. You will have become an expert in industries and topics such that you will provide assistance to other firm members. Furthermore, your advancing knowledge will allow you to present CPE classes for the benefit of other firm employees. You will be assigned complex tax returns, and will be expected to review a wide range of tax returns. Your audit responsibilities will expand to planning and supervising audit engagements and reviewing high-risk areas of the audit. After three years of experience, you will be better able to develop clientele and to build a strong network of business relationships.

Future Interns. Listen Up!

You will not find a better internship anywhere. Period! Guaranteed!

World Class

Do practical work, build relationships, and develop confidence.

World Class

Work with mentors and the partners of the firm. Even when they are busy, their doors are open.

World Class

The atmosphere is light and fun but also focused on getting things done.