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1: Attorney Trademark Website Information.

“Tax preparation; income tax consultation, planning and preparation; advisory services relating to business management and business operations; assistance with business management and planning; assistance, advisory services and consultancy with regard to business planning, business analysis, business management and business organization; accounting services; payroll, namely, CPA managed payroll and payroll tax compliance and accounting services; consulting services, namely, expert analysis and management consulting in accounting; audit support services, namely, review and analysis of a company's sales and financial statements, the performance of financial statement audits and reviews, as well as the preparation, organization and presentation of the documents and data requested by a government body, and advice on government audit processes, policies and strategy; business management consulting, business strategic planning and business advisory services provided to the medical profession”

“financial planning for retirement; financial services, namely, financial administration of retirement plans; financial planning for retirement, namely, design and implementation of retirement plans; estate planning; estate trust planning; business valuation services; investment advice; financial planning; financial planning consultation”

“litigation support services”