• Relationship Guarantee

    It’s Personal

    If a client feels that we did not understand them or their business sufficiently before any service, it’s on us - we start over and we get it right.

    Always Responsive

    We commit to a guaranteed response time of 1 business day for every client phone call and email.

    Just Because

    Each of our professionals will spend a % of their time with their clients at no charge, just because.

  • Accountability Guarantee

    Mutual Goals

    We will set and push goal achievement with each of our clients and guarantee improvement within the first year.

    Solid Timelines

    We will set timelines for each and every professional engagement and we will meet or beat those timelines each and every time.

  • Value Guarantee

    No Nickels or Dimes

    We will never nickel and dime our clients. They add up quickly and you’ll need them for more important things.

    No Surprise Costs

    If a client feels surprised by a bill, they refrain from making payment until it is completely resolved in their mind.

  • Expertise Guarantee

    Technology Driven

    If a client feels we don't have the best technology in our field, we will help them find it at no charge.

    Creative Strategies

    We will call our clients unexpectedly with new, strategic, creative ideas, guaranteed.

    True Leadership

    If a client feel that we are not leading, we allow them to "call and audible". At that point a consulting partner is brought in until true leadership is assured.